18 July 2013

iPad launch in Early years Oakridge International school Bangalore

Session 2013 -2014

The digital learning infusion vision at Oakridge is that “digital technologies enable opportunities for “Greater Active Student Learning that is valued, visible, connected and progressive.” This is in support of the school mission of “Global citizens striving for excellence and committed to nature and progress of society”.

We have begun our i Learning Journey by signing the following essential agreements.

Thanks to Richa and Shefali for empowering us with 'APPLE PROGRAMME' development sessions!

Essential Agreement

Teachers participating in this APD session will:
 - explore and share knowledge about how iPads can support student learning.
- keep our iPads charged and at school everyday.
-  be open-minded about sharing and trying new apps.
- contribute regularly to the iPad blog and/or App Tracking pages.


Our investigation will be guided by these questions:

1. How can iPads support literacy, numeracy, the programme of inquiry and music?

2. How iPads can support transdisciplinary skills (creativity, collaboration, etc.)

and promote higher level thinking skills?

3. How to manage an iPad cart in a classroom? Classroom management tips, syncing,
docking, storing, transferring of files, printing etc.
4. How can the iPad’s basic features (outside of apps) support teaching and learning? 
 E.g. audio recording, camera, photos, websites, etc.

Students iPad Use Responsible Policy

1.Carry the iPad with two hands to your seat.
2. Hold the iPad by the base, not the cover.
3. Always sit down while using the iPad.
4. Share and stop when your turn is over
5. No banging, slamming, or hitting the  iPad

With the rise in technology and the 21st century young learners, the introduction of the iPads bring s a shift from the conventional learning methods to a more innovative, rich and experiential method. It provides to our children grounds on which they can expand their knowledge, constructs from what is being delivered to them, builds curiosity within them, channelizes their imagination and paves a path that allows independence in the process of learning. The ipads being portable gives easy access to material for students, allowing them to explore and expand the framework they are exposed to.

To the educators, iPad offers us elaborate methods of delivering knowledge and expands our understanding on education with technology. It helps us involve high level technology and integrate it with the curriculum to be delivered. The availability of resources is made more accessible and vast.

iPad in Nursery:
Shalini Nursery Teacher: It was a fun filled and exciting day for Nursery as we launched the iPads for our little learners in the classroom. The children eagerly awaited for the magic box to open and was curious to see what was inside the box. The teachers explained the rules for handling the iPads and then their curious little minds took over. Soon the little ones were swiping and tapping with their little fingers. They explored the doodle buddy and color me apps. 

Students in Nursery: Our little ones were assuming it’s there Mama and Papa inside the treasure box. They raised their voice to tell us that ‘I like it Ma’am’. They started repeating the vocabulary ‘slide in, home button, pinch in and pinch out’. They worked independently. The app they used will help them with fine motor skills and help them to take their own decision in choosing the colours and Pictures.

iPads in PP1A:
Kiran PP1A Teacher:  Children were so excited anxiously waiting for a surprise. As the special box arrived in the class room, they all guessed it differently. Some of them said it’s a chocolate box, cake and toys etc.Later on we cut the ribbon and opened the box. They were so pleased to see the iPads. Next we discussed about the essential agreement of using the device and provided the iPads one each.

“iPad launch was a great success and enjoyed by all the children.

Students in PP1A: They used an app called ‘Play Hub’ for them to sort the shapes, number counting and colour mixing etc. Children started using independently and were great learning and productive session.

iPads in PP1B: 

Tsaeling PP1B teacher: The beginning of the launch was exciting as it was gift wrapped and children had to guess what was inside. Children guessed various toys and chocolates, and to their surprise it was something they didn’t expect.

Everyone was thrilled ‘swiping, through and exploring the app planned for them. It was something that they all enjoyed playing with, as well took care of.

Students in PP1B:   They used an app called ‘doodle buddy’ for them to take decisions, explore colours and fine motor skills.

iPads in PP2 

Aneeta PP2 Teacher: The iPad launch at PP II today was a grand event. The kids were surprised, excited and happy all at the same time. Personally I was anxious initially but things worked out quite well. Overall a great start and hopefully we would succeed in integrating technology with learning for success of our children.

Students in PP2
Students in PP2 used ABC tracing for them to read, write and understand letters from a- z. Students worked independently.

Using the iPad as a Teaching and Learning tool in the Classroom.

Mrs. Hima Rebelly
Early Years Co-ordinator


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  3. We should think which direction we are going. Learning using iPad at the nursery stage is not at all a good idea. We are actually killing the real creativity of our future generation. At this stage they should learn water color, pencil color and draw pictures on the canvas not on a tablet. In USA most of the schools already banned tablets and smart phones for school students and we are just making our kids dumb day by day in the name of "Technology". What these kids will demand after 2-3 years...what about after 10 years???



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